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Daniel Herskedal

Daniel Herskedal (born 2 April 1982 in Molde, Norway) is a Norwegian Jazz musician (tuba), known from playing with numerous ensembles and participating in several recordings.[1] Herskedal is regarded as one of the most talented jazz tubaists

Herskedal started playing the French horn as a boy, but substituted for his brothers tuba later on. He started his formal music studies at "Storyville Jazz Club", attended the Music program at "Molde videregående skole" (1998–2001), and was on several albums with the hometown band "Dixi", before him moving to Trondheim where he got his Bachelor's degree on the Jazz program at Trondheim Musikkonsevatorium (2002–06),[3] where he started the trio Listen! together with Espen Berg (piano) and Bendik Giske på saxophone).[4] He earned a Master's degree on Jazz tubaism at the "Copenhagen Rhythmical Music Conservatory" (RMC) in (2008). His thesis was on joik and jazz, in addition to preparing the orchestral work A sacred narrative which was performed in "Kong Haakon Kirke", the Norwegian Seamen's Church in Copenhagen (2007). During his studies he joined the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra on several occasions, and in Copenhagen he played in the student orchestra "stoRMChaser" with Professor Django Bates. He has also worked as a county musician in Nord-Trøndelag. Now based in Oslo, Herskedal plays within several bands and projects, such as "City Stories", the trio "Listen" including Bendik Giske (saxophone) and Espen Berg

 piano (established in 2002), "Magic Pocket", "Trondheim Jazz Orchestra" and Jens Carelius. In the trio "Kaktusch" he play together with Anton Eger (drums) and Marius Neset (saxophone). In "Quintus Big Band" (established in 2007) he also collaborated with Bendik Giske (saxophone), Kristoffer Lo (tuba), Ingrid Bergene Fosaa (horn), Morten Schrøder and Bjørn Erik Heggli (trumpet), Frode Fjellheim and Stian Lundberg (percussion), and Elisabeth Fossan (trombone). The quartet "Bat Band" includes Hayden Powell (trumpet), Steinar Nickelsen (organ) and Lasse Ehn (drums). Together with Stefan Ringive (trombone) and Anders Bast (saxophone) and Lasse Ehn (drums), he is the quartet "BrassBoost". With Hayden Powell (trumpet), Erik Johannessen (trombone) and Erik Nylander (drums) he constituted the quartet "Magic Pocket", that appeared at Nattjazz and Moldejazz (2004). He also wrote the music for the short film The end (2008) by Bendik Kaltenborn.

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